Inmate Writer Program

Are you missing out on an important service opportunity?

The Prisoner Outreach Committee wishes to call this urgent need to your attention. 

“The Responsibility Pledge”
I am responsible. When anyone,
anywhere reaches out for help,
I want the hand of SAA to always to be there.
And for that: I am responsible.

You now have an opportunity to do just that by volunteering today to be a letter writer or sponsor for an incarcerated sex addict. English and Spanish letter writers are needed to communicate with prisoners asking for help and take them through the Steps by mail.

We need you, your sponsees and telemeeting participants to join us in carrying the SAA message of recovery to prisoners, for whom we are often their only hope.

There is a particular need for members of the fellowship who speak Spanish. Spanish-speaking members can help in two ways: as a translator or as a sponsor. Translators are members who are willing to translate letters between a Spanish-speaking inmate and their English-speaking outside sponsor.

To sign up for this service, download this flyer, fill it out and send it in, following the instructions on the flyer.

Please print out several copies of the flyer and take them to your meetings. Let others also know about this important service opportunity.

Guidelines for letter writers, how to take an inmate through the Steps by mail, and other useful information about prisoner outreach may be found on the ISO service website, which is password protected. To get the username and password, please contact us at or use the Contact Form

In loving gratitude,

Chuck S.
Prisoner Outreach Committee Chair

2021 Convention Committee

To all,

We are gearing up for Atlanta 2021 and as you may know, it takes a lot of work to host an International Convention.

ISO has let us know that now is the time to start our efforts. Thus, Intergroup is in the process of forming SAA Georgia’s 2021 International Convention Committee. This email is your invitation to get your name in the hat for any of the positions listed below.


  • A sense of belonging through connection

  • The feeling of being worthwhile

  • Knowing that I am giving something back to the Fellowship that has saved my butt

  • Long-term contented sobriety that leads to happy, joyous and free!

This is a wonderful service opportunity and a way to get involved and meet a bunch of other active members of the Fellowship, near and far.


  1. Chair

  2. Vice-Chair

  3. Secretary

  4. Treasurer

  5. Program Committee

    a.     Convention Program Chair

    b.     Convention Program Committee Members

  6. Registration / Welcome Chair

  7. Onsite Entertainment Chair

  8. Offsite Entertainment Chair

  9. 7th Tradition Chair

  10. Ambassador / Communications Chair

  11. Website Chair

  12. T-Shirts / Banner / Merchandise Chair

  13. Hospitality Chair

  14. SAA 12-Step Meetings Chair

  15. Meditation Room Chair

  16. LGBTQ Chair

  17. Volunteer / Logistics Chair

  18. Local Intergroup Liaison

ISO's Guidelines for Organizing and Hosting an International Convention — which contains a description of the roles, duties and responsibilities of the service positions listed above — is available upon request.

Please don’t be shy. The only thing you need is willingness. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. It has all been done before and all the help and training we need is available to let us do the job. We just need YOU!

So, if you would, please let me know by September 1st of your interest in any of the activities involved in putting on the Convention. And if you can think of something additional, let us know that as well.

Respond to or call me at (404) 500-6935. If I don’t pick up right away, leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

In service,

Robert M.
SAA Georgia Intergroup